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The Travel Section
  • Expedia
  • ITN's Airlines Of The Web
  • Leisure Planet
  • Yahoo! Travel
  • All Word of Mouse - Constantly updated consumer opinions on where to stay, eat, and play in North America.
  • Arthur Frommer's Outspoken Encyclopedia of Travel - bargain tips, message boards and an online daily newsmagazine.
  • - not just a travel site, more than a site about books; it's a cyberspace meetingplace for literary pilgrims and erudite explorers.
  • British In America - information for British ex-pats in America.
  • Center of Travelology - travelology, the Art of Traveling, encourages people to discover new places; a dynamic school comparable to earning any conventional degree. Maybe you have a Travelology's PhD.
  • eTravel
  • Europe Tax Free Shopping
  • Fielding's The World's Most Dangerous Places
  • Globers - exchange international travel and culture information via email.
  • Globetrotting - a free print and internet magazine published every three months offering tips, advice and more for travellers of different types to many locations worldwide.
  • Greatest Escapes Travel Report - guide to adventure, business, and romantic travel with monthly travel tips.
  • How to See the World on $25 a Day or Less - text online in 25 chapters, 80,000 words, and 120 illustrations.
  • Information for Travelers - road conditions, weather, maps and trip planning.
  • Living Out of One (Carry-On) Bag - some opinions and ideas on the art of travel, by Doug Dyment.
  • Lorry Patton's Travel Tips 'n' Tales - for the consumer and the travel industry offering useful travel tips, news, addresses and world destination features.
  • Magic Carpet Trip Planner - a step-by-step travel planner, from making decisions, to making plans and reservations, to taking the trip.
  • On the Road Newsletter - offering help for travelers with a laptop computer, from going online from a foreign country, to help reaching laptop computer technical support.
  • Period.Com Travel! - various resources and information on travel including photo essays from countries around the world.
  • Roadside America: Sight of the Week
  • Round-The-World Travel Guide
  • Sabbatical Travel Tips - long-term travel for business or pleasure requires careful planning. Tips on taxes, packing, obtaining cars, housing, medical help and transferring money.
  • Tax-Free International - international tax refund system, operating in 20 European countries.
  • Third World Traveler - provides alternative travel information about Third World countries and informs tourists about human rights there.
  • Total Travel Network - travel news and features, weather and ITN's interactive reservation system.
  • Travel Free Forum - home of the best free travel offers; also offering free travel news and advice.
  • Travel Kiosk - suggestions on travel, packing, and photography, plus links to many informative sites.
  • Travel@Random - Canada's Anti-Drug Information Program (ADIP) wants Canadians to be aware of the perils of travelling with drugs.
  • Travelers' Club - A place to gather and exchange, to plan and prepare, and return after your extraordinary journeys.
  • Traveling on the World Wide Web
  • Travelling With Ed and Julie - in-depth visitor information for Rome, Switzerland, and Bavaria based on 80 trips to Europe over 30 years. Also, European trip planning and tour selection.
  • Travlang - World Travel and Foreign Language related WWW information, including the award-winning "Foreign Languages for Travelers".
  • Ultimate Trip Planner
  • Universal Packing List
  • Universal Packing List Hitching Supplement
  • US Survival Tips for Aussies - Tips for Australians visiting the USA. 
  • Where Do We Go From Here? - tips on European hotels, gardens and events, books and essays on history and culture

  • World Travel with Maguns Compass - find a travel companion and learn what others have to say about their trips.

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