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  • 1001 Jokes - the kind that relieve stress! A place to have fun and also submit jokes.
  •  Abu El Abed Jokes
  •  Ah-Bob's Place - lists of jokes, tags, and Darwin Awards.
  •  Alan's Joke Page - plenty of jokes and funny quotes.
  •  Arne's House of Jokes - Fun and Laughter
  •  Ayoh Kadavule!
  •  Beer Jokes Page, The
  •  Best Jokes of '95
  •  Blackie's Comedy Shop
  •'s Joke of the Minute
  •  Cyber Comedian - need some laughs? Come on in and see the show! Featuring Jeff Foxworthy, Steve Martin, Rodney Dangerfield sound clips. No cover charge.
  •  Daniel Flower Joke Site - for the worst jokes on the net, really.
  •  Daniel's Web - Histoires drôles et jeux de mots ...
  •  Deaf Joke of the Month - some classic as well as fresh jokes about the Deaf community. New joke monthly! 
  • Dee Dee's Loonie Bin Of Jokes - over 500 + jokes categorized for easy access! Updated every 2 weeks with at least 25+ jokes, got a funny joke please submit it! 
  • DemonRage's Home
  •  Die Laughing - extremely clean jokes from Jackie The Joke Man Martling. Jackie is a writer on the Howard Stern Show.
  •  Economist Jokes
  •  Ed's Jokes
  •  FishTank, The - Domain of Borris the Fish - come and have a laugh at all the funnies or send something in yourself.
  •  Fringe's Joke of the Random Interval Unit of Time - changes roughly once every week, based on my whims.
  •  Funny Stuff
  •  Gerard's Joke Page - fun, laughter, and of course, lots of jokes!
  •  Harvster's Humour Archive
  •  Heller's Jokes Database
  •  Humor From the Edge
  •  Humor Us - updated weekly with both old favorites and new originals.
  •  Joke Cafe
  •  Joke Club
  • Joke Dump - read or tell a live joke on joke chat.
  •  Joke Forum
  •  Joke Jungle
  •  Joke Page, The
  •  Joke Page, The []
  •  Joke Post - interactive humor site. Post your own jokes or browse through the ever growing archives.
  •  Joke Time
  •  Joke Warehouse - thousands of categorized jokes. Submit your own.
  •  Jokemania
  •  Joker's Corner - for those who have a twisted sense of humor and can roll with the punches.
  •  Jokes []
  •  Jokes []
  •  Jokes Around the World - collection of jokes received from friends all over the world.
  •  Jokes from the 'Net
  •  Jokes Galore
  •  Jokes of 1995
  •  Jokes Page - e-mailed humor.
  •  Jokes R Us
  •  Jokes, Humor, And More Jokes - divided into easy to use catagories, choose the type jokes you want to view. huge selection of jokes updated weekly.
  •  Jokes, Just Jokes - a growing collection of jokes of all types.
  •  Jokestan - collection of Persian jokes (in Persian and English).
  •  Jokester Archive
  •  Jokester, The
  •  Just Joking
  •  Kyle's Joke Lists - my collection of jokes, categorized and automated to give you a random joke from a selection of genres.
  •  Kyle's Joke Page
  •  Lame jokes - Every joke here is so LAME it will have you rolling on the floor laughing.
  •  Laughing Pit, The - with tons of jokes and original categores.
  •  Laughter - The World's Common Language - for public speakers, comedians, social climbers, party hosts, homeopathic practitioners; anyone who wants more humor in their personal or professional lives.
  •  Leonard Stafford's The Humour List - an email subscriber list that sends out Humour 5 times a week. It is absolutely free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  •  Lukas' Humour Pages - all kinds of humour from lightbulb jokes to ways to terrorise your roommate
  •  Make You Laugh .COM - dozens upon dozens of jokes. New jokes all the time. And all grouped into categories for your viewing pleasure.
  •  Making Fun of the Swedes - continuing a Norwegian tradition of jokes about Swedes.
  •  Musty's Maddening Maze - jokes in English and German
  •  Nasty Jokes
  •  Pour faire Rire... - Venez voir notre répertoire de farces et ajouter-y les votres... 
  • Profession Jokes
  •  Smirk City
  •  Square Corner, The
  •  Superjokes - updated every week day.
  •  TyGer's Joke Collection - simple but large collection of jokes divided into catergories.
  •  Vartanik - an Armenian little Johnny.
  •  Watery Fowls
  •  What d'ya call.....? - A small (but growing) collection of jokes starting "What do you call" (Not just in English!) 
  • What's Up With That? - includes jokepardy, humourwood, random jokes and lawyer and golf jokes.
  •  Woodchucks - All about Vermont's unique, endangered species.

  •  Yubin Yankinoff - the unofficial Cybernex jokes page.

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