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Music Charts
  • - a shareware directory from CNET.
  •  File Pile - access to all of Exec-PC's free and shareware files through the world wide web.
  •  ZD Net Software Library - top rated shareware.
  •  100 Shareware Links
  • - offers shareware, freeware and beta software to download. Updated daily.
  •  Albert's Ambry - Use our free search engine to find and download shareware, software, games and utilities. When you find what you like we will electronically deliver it to you.
  •  Alkaid Software - collection of DOS shareware and freeware and links to software sites for all major PC platforms.
  •  BB Shareware.Com - developing various types of shareware applications.
  •  Benchmark Comparison Lists
  •  Benchmark Programs - includes 3d-Bench and other benchmark programs for DOS and Windows.
  •  Best Free Internet Software, The - free Internet software. No shareware, demos or commercial software.
  •  BMT Micro - OS/2, DOS, Windows, Linux, and Java software distribution.
  •  Bookmark Utilities - programs that help manage and merge Netscape and Microsoft Explorer bookmarks for Windows, Macintosh and OS/2.
  •  Breezin Software - developing various types of freeware programs.
  •  Brother's Keeper Genealogy - genealogy program to help you organize your family information.
  •  Clayon's Shareware - offering links for free software.
  •  Clicked Shareware Gallery - top shareware apps in all major categories; download for free what you need to survive on the net.
  •  Completely Free Software - Windows and DOS free/shareware - tested, reviewed and rated.
  •  Custom Textures
  •  Daily Double Download - from Yahoo! Internet Life. A download a day keeps the doldrums away.
  •  DemoNet - browse an ever expanding library of software titles and download demonstration versions.
  •  Download.Net - from classic arcade games, to the lastest games. also a comprehensive winsock section, desktop application section and internet utilities.
  •  Dr. Download - he's got the cure for the common code!
  •  DrMushRm's Shareware Depot - collection of shareware games and utilities for DOS, Windows 3.1X and Windows95.
  •  File Mine - search and browse for downloadable files.
  •  FileDudes - download software based on your operating system.
  • - offering shareware.
  •  Filez - search page with an index of over 60 million files and all the popular corporate and shareware sites.
  •  Free Software Shack
  •  Garbo Anonymous FTP Archive
  •  Ginosoft MIDI Software - multimedia editors available for download.
  •  Good Guy's Shack - software programs, utilities, QuickBASIC, opinions, etc.
  •  Helper Applications Catalog - compiled archive of great helper applications for surfing the net. I have both Mac and Windows software.
  •  James Carr Shareware for PowerBBS - shareware collection of add-ons for PowerBBS.
  • - promotes Java through sharing resources.
  •  Jumbo! - searchable database including freeware and shareware for Windows, DOS, Mac, OS/2, and Unix.
  •  Justin Weber's Computing Center - Windows95/98/NT/3.1, DOS, MacOS, and OS/2 support, software, information, and tips.
  •  Kirk Bauer's Shareware - Some shareware, mostly freeware, Games/Programs, More!!
  •  Kishore's Shareware Page
  •  Knopf, Jim - aka Jim Button - The Father of Shareware
  •  Latest Utility Shareware for Windows 95/NT
  •  My Shareware Page - carries sharewares and freewares for Windows 95 and NT.
  •  Netware Utilities
  •  OS/2 Shareware Collection - Some OS/2 Warp optimized applications and system utilities. 
  • OS2Ware - download software made for OS/2 Warp.
  •  QuickFiles - providing access to shareware for the PC, Macintosh, Palm Pilot, and Handheld PC.
  • - programs have screenshots, reviews and author info. Threaded discussion area. All programs are on servers to assure fast, complete download.
  •  Sander's KeyScreen Previewer
  •  SDN International
  •  ShareIt! - professional shareware registration service.
  •  SharePaper - informative no nonsense magazine about shareware.
  •  Shareware Central - download some shareware titles and to be in direct contact with the authors. Shareware authors will soon be able to list their programs. 
  • Shareware Junkies.Com - shareware evaluations.
  •  Shareware Mall - online and offline computer entertainment and resources.
  •  Shareware Shop - includes shareware reviews, listings, giveaways, a newsletter, and more.
  •  Shareware Sites Listings
  •  Shareware von Soeren Balko - Enthaelt Shareware von Soeren Balko
  • - searchable shareware database of software files from CNET, the computer network.
  •  SlaughterHouse, The - updated daily.
  •  Snake-Byte Inc. - DOS/WIN/OS2 programs for people who LOVE the Dallas Cowboys. 
  • SoftLock SoftShop - Shareware and other assorted goodies. Online shop for electronically distributed software and books using the unique SoftLock system.
  •  SoftSeek - shareware, freeware, software reviews and more.
  •  Software Den, The - a freeware and shareware website. 
  • Software Labs - Every Program thoroughly tested, fully-functional, easily installed, technical support, screen shots and more!
  •  Software Perspectives - Provides product support and information as well as the latest versions of software.
  •  Software Site, The - A comprehensive listing of shareware for PCs. Includes descriptions, reviews, screen-dumps, etc. 
  • Software USA - provides shareware downloading and monthly CD-ROM with over 50 top shareware programs.
  •  Softword Technology - specializing in Bible and Educational shareware.
  •  Sounds English - guide to Macintosh shareware for English language learners and teachers. Shareware reviews with sample screenshots and download links.
  •  Stormy Weather SoftWare - developing marine navigation shareware dealing with astronomy, ocean tides, morse code training, and yacht race results.
  •  TOAO HQ - free software from Java feedback forms to Java search engines; all distributed as freeware.
  •  Top Level Software Products Unlimited - free software and shareware for Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, UNIX and other operating systems.
  •  Total Net - GFX, animated gifs and useful files for internet users. 
  • Travis' Best Shareware PC Programs - Links to the best shareware programs available for the PC. Graphics, Internet, and other miscellaneous programs are included for DOS, Windows, and Windows 95 platforms! 
  • Trialz Shareware Central - shareware and freeware titles available for download in several different categories.
  •  Tudogs - free software and services reviewed and graded. Includes clipart, animation, webtools, games, windows, music, web design, education, and special recipes. Specializes in Gratis software. 
  • UK Shareware - UK & European top shareware downloads.
  •  Ultimate Software
  •  Washington University FTP Archive

  •  WellsCom - features: Contract Bridge (card game), PcDesk (memo calendar), Read (text editor) and Plotter (data plotting and analysis). 

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