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School Logo

School Motto
Sekolah Menengah Chi Wen school motto is :

Planning For Excellence.

School Objective
Sekolah Menengah Chi Wen has its own objective, ambition and goals. With that, our students and teachers can focus on achieving these goals. Only with the proper focus can we really work to improve our school. The following is a short list of our schools objective and goals: 

   To improve the quality of education. 

   To develop a change positive enviroment. 

   To create a conducive climate for learning. 

   To develop and maximize the students' potential through curricular and co-curricular activities. 

   To become an institution of quality that can be trusted and exemplified. 

   To be the best in delivering superior service and education 

   To foster close relationships and co-operation with other institutions and departments, especially locally, in line with the "Caring Society" theme. 

School Info

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