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  • - multiplayer gaming news.



  • AdreniLAN - LAN party playing Quake 1, Quake 2, Starcraft, Unreal, Shogo, and more.
  •  Calgary Game Players Challenge - Calgary area modem game players list, and gamer site, with tons of links and other cool game news with a distinctive Calgary flavor.
  •  Connections - offers a social environment for multi-player gamers.
  •  CyAlchemy Gaming Haven - guide to the hotest online and network gaming services and titles.
  •  Deathmatch Guide - features reviews of utilities and mods for the best deathmatch games out there, including Quake 2, Unreal, and more.
  •  DeathMatchUK - LAN party events held at The Hoylake Community Centre in the Wirral. The main games will be the most popular like Quake, Quake2, and C&C Red Alert.
  •  Edge, The
  •  Gamenet - A site for people who wish to play multi-player games in Ireland. Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Etc...
  •  Gods of Pain
  •  Internet Game War - a gaming battle shop. Play in many (50+) leagues for almost every game possible.
  •  Internet Modem Players Listing - a global listing for finding local modem game players. Searchable by areacode, country, game type. Serving the internet since 1994. 
  • Lanapalooza
  • - comprehensive guide to LAN gaming tournaments and parties. Features listings of events around the world.
  •  LunarTech
  •  Macintosh Modem Players Server - The Macintosh Modem Players Server contains a list of Macintosh game players who want to play modem networkable games with others.
  •  Modem Games BBS - offers its users the ability to play certain multiplayer games against other users through the BBS.
  •  MTG in PDX
  •  Mud Forums - unofficial forums for many popular online games today, including Ultima Online and MajorMUD.
  •  Multi-Player Gaming Chasm
  •  Multiplayer BBS Game Servers
  •  Multiplayer Games and Simulations
  •  Multiplayer Gaming on the Internet
  •  Multiplayer United - free network gaming advice for network setup.
  •  Multiplayers Paradise
  •  Nerd Night - event in which many computer game lovers gather with their PCs or notebooks for an evening of intense gaming.
  •  Net Game Connection, The - Covers multiplayer gaming over the Net, news, reviews, previews, top game voting, and more!
  •  Net Games
  •  NetCon
  •  Network Games Site - programming and download site for DOS Network games.
  •  Null-Modem Cable Pinouts for Multiplayer Games - guide to parallel and serial pin configurations for direct cable connection linkup.
  •  Online Multiplayer Gaming Olympics
  •  Ralph's Deathmatch Page - deathmatch tips, files, and maps.
  •  Reboots Internet Gaming Guide
  •  Virtual Conventions

  •  Virtual Warrior's Network Gaming Resource

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