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Music Charts
  • Comics from Creators Syndicate - featuring strips from B.C., The Wizard of Id, Rugrats, Liberty Meadows, and several others from Creators Syndicate.
  • 10 Laughs A Day - the Internet Cartoon Gallery gives you 10 cartoons a day from the nation's top cartoonists. Buy t-shirts and other essential items. Support iconoclasm.
  • Aaaargh Gibbleguts - cartoons with no added water. It's like the Farside on crack.
  • Addicted - cartoon look at video and computer gaming.
  • Anthropomorphism World Funny Pages - Pet Peeves: the pets we know and love, and the things they do to drive us insane.
  • Art Comics - Daily Comics syndicate featuring comic strips created six days a week for the Internet. Also produces online comic books.
  • Carol Simpson Labor Cartoons - every week we fire off cartoons aimed at America's corporate establishment and its wholly owned subsidiary the U.S. Government.
  • Cartoon Den - collection of 3D cartoons in the areas of fishing, computers, science fiction, and general humor. Published by M.C.Cotter Productions.
  • Cartoon Fun - offers hundreds of free cartoons on many subjects.
  • Cartoon Shop - professional strips and cartoons for every taste.
  • Cartoonet - official server of the European Cartoon Arts Network. Registration required.
  • Cartoons for the Warehouse - Can you Say Funny?
  • Chicken Little - Cartoons about history and culture from your professor of surrealism.
  • Comic Book and Comic Strip Page
  • Comic Relief - Bringing you a variety of humor, laughter & comics from famous cartoonists. A new cartoon everyday.
  • Comics & Cartoons - Wolverine, Freakazoid, Simpsons, Sipder Man, Stimpy, Pinky, Pink Panther, Felix, etc., con videos, voces y fotos. In Spanish.
  • Comics du Jour - fresh daily comic strips.
  • Comics I Don't Understand - can someone explain these to me?
  • Coop Toons - cartoons, wallpaper for Windows, and humorous illustrations for anything you desire.
  • Cope-Toons - features comic strips drawn by Mike Cope from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Coloured and Black/White strips including Herb & Spices.
  • Corner, The Cartoon - The ultimate cartoon playground for kids of all ages. Play games, solve puzzles, read stories and comics, and learn cartooning from Emmett Scott.
  • Cosmo City - 3 aliens and a different look at their lives.
  • Eb on the Web - Eb's an alien from the planet Shmutz with a real bad temper (not to mention a list of bad habits).
  • Fanhunter - in Spanish.
  • Fractal Cow Online Comics - udated regularly; check them out.
  • Fringe, The - Follow the adventures of college students Sid and Brady as they encounter explosions, demons, and English finals.
  • Fruits in Suits - official site of Al Banana and the Fruit Mafia, cult anti-heroes from Naples.
  • FUBAR - rants, propaganda and condiments.
  • GibIndex - com muitas informações sobre quadrinhos, uma relação de publicações, cronologia, enciclopédia, links, bibliografia, fontes de pesquisa e etc.
  • Happy Shadows Press - original, violent and funny web cartoons. We also give away free comicbooks and cause chaos!
  • Hasbeans - It's about nothing! It's worse than Seinfeld! There's a lot of coffee involved! Every sentence ends with an exclaimation point! Non-commercial!
  • Hibou Central
  • Honeycomb - weekly futuristic, political satire based upon the working masses spending its entire existence within the confines of the Cyber-universe.
  • Inter-Rage
  • Internment Theater - by interns at SFSU.
  • Johann's Comics Page
  • Jpages - A selection of minicomics by Mister J.
  • Kephin Online
  • Kev's World - creates a new color cartoon each any every day! Could this stuff be any cooler?
  • Kev's World Archive - the official Kev's World Cartoon Archive. Updated every week.
  • knockercomiXs - This is a site with my own cool german comics
  • KYR - a collection of cartoons of the famous Greek cartoonist KYR (pronounced Kiir)
  • Lao Fu Zi (Old Master Q) - Popular Chinese Comic
  • Lemont Brown - strips about our times, by cartoonist Darrin Bell. Black characters dealing with current events.
  • Luc's Comics - autobiography in the form of comics by a retired belgian physics professor and liver transplantee.
  • Math Comics
  • Matt's Internet Home - psychotic cartoons and drawing tutorials featuring characters you've never heard of.
  • Misc. Mayhem Productions - featuring Psycho Dillo, Hammerlocke, P.A.W.S. and more.
  • Mr. Nice - satirical cartoon character fighting the forces of rudeness.
  • Muskrat Central
  • Nando Comics Page - runs classics like Dick Tracy, Orphan Annie, Brenda Starr, and Gasoline Alley.
  • Out of My Mind - Features Web-a-toons - Cartoons created with HTML and graphics. Updated thrice a week.
  • Overload Zone, The
  • Pandora's Box - comic from pandora, a cat.
  • Pat's Cartoon Pages - info on cartooning and a collection of cartoons by Pat.
  • Pioneering Cartoonists of Color - salute to cartoonists who paved the way. With images, strips, and biographical information.
  • Porthole - collection of cartoons dedicated to the Canadian way of life.
  • Priest's Button - features Pet Peeves, original cartoons about three aging, pet/people "boomers"; Pillory, more 'toons lampooning deserving notables; Cygnificant Cytes and more.
  • Radical Chic - um dos personagens mais queridos da geração Brasileira que insiste na aventura de viver, apesar dos sonhos perdidos. 
  • Renard Velu - Fanzines de Bandes-Dessinees. Articles contestaires et culture Underground. Théorie de l'Arbre.
  • Soft Targets
  • Story & Art - Comic strips by Matt Feazell, Talbert, and Dave Kocher.
  • The Comic Strip - Featuring strips from Dilbert, Robotman, Doctor Fun, Peanuts, and several others from United Media.
  • - daily original comic strips.
  • Toons From Hell - collections of Scoats's Gloveman comic strips.
  • Turma da Monica - Monica's Gang are comics characters by Brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa. Includes activities and animation as well as info on licensiing and the Parque da Monica, a theme park.
  • Twin Comics - cartoons and comics of Bobby and Peter Timony.
  • Ultra Car - features everyone's favorite pie-throwing artificially-intelligent car.
  • Comics - the strips that appear in the newspaper's Style section.
  • Wavedog - contains an online comic book, website samplers, and an art gallery.
  • Web van Duistere Steden / Web of Obscure Cities - concerning a possible link to a parallelworld.
  • WebComics - a selection of daily and weekly online strips.

  • Usenet - rec.arts.comics.strips

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