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  • AmExMail
  •  ZenSearch 
  • 3Dmail - 3Dmail is an all-in-one service that comes standard with lots of features.
  •  AltaVista Email
  •  ApexMail - web based email featuring auto-responders, filtering, and more.
  •  BellSouth Web Mail Service
  •  ChickMail
  •  Conk!mail
  •  Coolmail
  •  Daily Web Planner - provides free e-mail and daily planner.
  •  Deskmail - free Internet email.
  •  Doghouse Mail - offers free web-based mail.
  •  EMU Mail
  •  England Email
  •  Flashemail
  •  Freestamp
  •  gURLmAIL
  •  Hotmail
  •  ImagineMail
  •  iName - free web based or forwarded email accounts.
  •  Jamaica Mail - offers free email for Jamaicans anywhere in the world.
  •  Jershie Mail
  •  JoinMe
  •  Joymail
  •  Juno
  •  Katchup - travellers can get a permanent email address and home page to catch up with mates. 
  • Latinmail - tu servicio de Email gratuito en Español.
  •  LycosEmail
  • Mail Entrepreneur - free email from the small business publication, Entrepeneur Magazine.
  •  MailBrowser.Com - read and respond to your POP e-mail with just a web browser.
  •  MailCity - free web-based e-mail, available through any Internet connection.
  •  MailExcite
  •  MailStart.Com - allows anyone to check their email box from the web. Read, send, reply all free. [Entering your mail password is an unavoidable requirement for this service.]
  •  MauiMail - free email from paradise.
  •  My Own Email - free email offering multiple personalized domain names.
  •  NetAddress - Lifetime e-mail addresses -- Allows you to change providers as many times as you wish but keep the same e-mail address.
  •  Nightmail
  •  Pathfinder Email
  •  Postmaster - European free web-based email service. No configuration hassles, full functionality.
  •  ProntoMail - free web-based email address and a personal home page.
  •  Readmail - check your email via the web.
  •  Return Receipt Email - free e-mail with a delivery receipt. Send e-mail return receipt requested.
  •  RocketMail - free Web-based, globally accessible email service.
  •  ROTFL Online Services - free email, free homepages, electronic postcards, and much more!
  •  Safarimail
  •  Supernews - provides paging and fax forwarding from our easy to use web based interface. Read all your email (even external accounts) from your one central mailbox and have it forwarded to your pager or fax.
  •  TeleServe Online Services - is a small service that I run on my home network, providing e-mail accounts and a search page.
  • - electronic network for the budget traveler dedicated to providing easy to access email and a directory of cyber-cafes worldwide with internet access.
  •  Web Directory: Free Email Address Directory - over 100 sources of free email addresses, plus lots of places to look up email addresses.
  •  Web Directory: Free Email Services
  •  Wowmail
  •  WWW2000
  •  Yahoo! Mail - get connected now with your own free email address. Use it from home, at work or from your hotel while travelling.

  •  ZDNet Mail

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