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Music Charts
  • AbsoluteChat.Com - multi forum live chat web site.
  •  Alamak's WWW and Internet Relay Chat Gateway - A live interactive link to ircII Internet Relay Chat, talk with people from all around the world on hundreds of topics.
  •  ATSSB Live Chat - a get-together of Texas directors of small school bands.
  • - provider of free chat rooms. Join an established room or start your own.
  • - alternative online community.
  •  Bigbob's WebChat
  •  Century Chat - striving to be an online community.
  •  CGirc
  •  Channel 1
  •  Chat Away - Chat with people from all over!! Uses frames. 
  • Chat Central - chat rooms for everyone. public chats, private chats.
  •  Chat City Australia
  •  Chatalyst - powerful, easy to use web-based chat system. It supports images, links, in-line animation, and more.
  •  ChatSpot - network for all ages and all people.
  •  chatterBox - web-based chat software.
  • - meet new people with similar interests, talk to people from all over the world. 
  • ChattownUSA - many lifestyles supported. Teens to restricted adult.
  •  Chatweb
  •  ChatWeb
  •  Chinese Cyber City Chat Room - supports both English and Big 5 Chinese. Features resident-created chat room, E.T. Talk, U & I live chat.
  •  Chris' Chat
  •  CityNews - free classifieds, auction service, and chat rooms; localized versions available for cities worldwide.
  •  Classroom Connect's Virtual Auditorium - real time chat for educators, students, and parents.
  •  Club Gabbay - ten different chat rooms, each with its own musical style.
  •  Coolchat - where the cool people chat.
  •  Cyber-Star Chat Page
  •  CybrChat - family oriented chat server.
  •  CyNet City
  •  Desi Chat - by Farooq Dezine Group, Inc.
  • - provides chat room, bulletin board, and recipe area for people struggling with the everyday issues of dieting.
  •  DigitalChat - free web-based chat. No plugins required.
  •  E-Pub - offers pubs and toilet stalls for chatting.
  •  Electric-Hosts - learn the skill of online hosting. Discover what works best in online communications.
  •  Excite People and Chat
  •  Fantasy Castle Chat - chat line with sound, images display capabilities and much more.
  •  FAT!SO?: Hank's Gab Cafe
  •  Flirt Online - find love in real time.
  •  Free Chat
  •  FreeTown - chat, web pages, classified ads and more.
  •  Gathering, The - a general real time chat page with password registration required.
  •  GeoCities CommunityChat
  •  Globe Chat
  •  Goedhart.Com - web based ActiveX chat.
  •  GrooveWorld Chat
  •  Gwinnett Online Chat - Dragons Lair, Teen Chat and many other rooms.
  •  Hypernews - a cross between the hypermedia of WWW and Usenet News. The basic idea is to allow readers to respond to any articles or responses they read in the HyperNews web.
  •  i5forum - a WWW conferencing system using JavaScript.
  •  iGuide Chat
  •  Interaction/IP - Provides interaction capabilities such as message boards and chat to a Mac Web server.
  •  IPER-CHAT WebChat System - a webchat system that allows for multiple, private conversations with multiple users at a time. 
  • Jamies Net Party Page - chat community that meets in person. Join the group. 
  • KeepTalking
  •  Kenyatta Village - a platform for Kenyans and friends to share their lost joy, monumental tragedy and meaningless chatter over the Web.
  •  KittenCaboodle's Interactive On-line Community
  •  L'Hotel Chat - chat at this virtual five star hotel located on the coast of Monaco.
  •  Let's Talk About... - message boards.
  •  Live Chat at - forums devoted exclusively to parenting issues. Check the schedule for special guest appearances.
  •  LiveWorld - a virtual community.
  •  Lycos Chat
  •  Marko's Interactive WEB chat - Now available for frames-incapable browsers!
  •  Maxichat Australia - free web based chat with one to one interface. Open your own room and become a leader in the community.
  •  MikesWeb Chat Live - talk with people around the world, make new friends.
  •  Mojoski Chat Area
  •  NanoCafe - live Web social chat room. Play a game or two. 
  • Nate Chat - includes the ability to chat with others using real time Java chat.
  •  NetCentral Live Chat
  •  Netimation Chat - all that's required is personality.
  •  Night Flight Cafe - Free live chat for everyone! Join an existing room or start your own personal chat area. 
  • Occult - a Channel 1 Chathouse Chatroom.
  •  Oracle of the WEB Seeress - Come yee followers, Seeress of the Webs invites thee to join her in a web based coversation. Bring your own picture to represent your Presence.
  •  Outback Cafe - message boards, news, free classified ads, singles pub. 
  • OutofBounsdNess Chat
  •  Ozchat - Real-time conversation down under. 
  • Park, The - a communication system/online discussion forum featuring live chat rooms and discussion areas for communication about love, life and spirituality.
  • WebNet Interface - a breadth of topics and an easy method to get started talking to people.
  •  Podium - Web-based messaging system (features include threading, HTML markup, optional moderation and administrative mode).
  •  Reality Bytes - real time chat site where you can talk to people all over the Bay Area and the world.
  •  Realty Central Chat - real estate forum.
  •  Record's Chat Rooms
  •  SAID - entertaining, interactive and real-time too. 
  • Sandmans Kansas City Chat
  •  SkateTalk - Skatetalk is a webchat site dedicated to skateboarders, but all are welcome.
  •  SmoothTalker - offers free chat, unlimited rooms, private messages, and special commands.
  •  Sociable Web, The - describes a Web-based conferencing system.
  •  Social, The - teen chat.
  •  Sonoma County Chat
  •  Spiritual Web Chat
  •  T2
  •  Talk City - chat rooms for a range of topics.
  •  Tiger Strikes Chat Area
  •  Travlang Chat - a Java program alowing discussion on travel, language, or any other topic with people from all around the world!
  •  Valdosta - Georgian web-based chat server.
  •  vw3news - a W3 application for writing and reading hypertext articles using the HyperText Markup Language.
  •  W3 Interactive Talk (WIT) - forms-based discussion system
  • - offers live chat on topics including the U.S. Military, militia/patriot groups, government, and the Constitution.
  •  Warung Kopi - Indonesian web chat.
  •  Web Chatting - public forums and live web chat.
  •  WebAmerica - Public forums and live web chat. Corporate, entertainment and personal applications, many open and free to all net surfers.
  •  WebChat [] - Real-time conversations with other people on the World Wide Web.
  •  WebChat Broadcasting System (WBS) - Live fully multimedia based chat for USENET newsgroups is here on the Web! Visit the WebChat Broadcasting System and chat about your favorite topics. Participation is free.
  •  WebNotes and NetNotes - a Network based conferencing and forum system, with both WEB and native (NetNotes) client interfaces.
  • - with real time chat. Rooms include Howard Stern, sports, Seinfeld, music, Simpsons, and more. 
  • Whimsy - An experimental WWW multiuser shared environment, now open for exploration and building.
  •  Wisenheimer's WWW Board - meeting place for cartoonists from around the world.
  •  Woobinda's Chat Server - Various Rooms! Many italians, and people from all over the world! And it's FAST!
  •  Wordly Explorer, The
  •  World Without Borders - web-based chat community.
  •  WWW Chat Server
  •  WWW Collaboration Projects
  • - free web-based chat. Meet new people with similar interests and talk to people from all over the world all through your web browser.

  •  Zen - subject and age specific chat rooms.

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