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Music Charts

Music Charts
Music Charts 
  • Alan's Internet Top 50 Singles - a weekly updated chart reflecting local and personal music tastes. 
  • Alley Top 30 - personal list of favorite songs per week, and a chance for users vote for favourite song of the week, too.
  •  Alto TOP 16 - weekly alternative single hits. 
  • Ambro World Top 20 - vote for the best 20 singles and 20 albums of the world. In English and Hungarian.
  •  American Music Online - features The AMO 100, reviews of new singles, contest, links, and more.
  •  American Top 40 Celebration Page - devoted to the original national countdown show (1970 - 1995) with history, trivia, sites and sounds about the show.
  •  Andy's Top 15 - personal music chart with multimedia features.
  •  ARC Weekly Top 40
  •  Best Selling Albums of All Time - based on number of copies sold in the US. Also contains links to official music industry and artist pages.
  •  Brad's Countdown - the latest in Top 40 music straight from San Francisco, California.
  •  Bradboard Top 40 - monthly list of personal music charts from a music fan in Philadelphia.
  •  Broadcast Data Systems Online - search a database of Top 10 songs played on the radio in the Top 50 US markets.
  •  Casey's Top 40
  •  CD Top 50 of all time - Please submit your favourite top 10 of CD albums of all time and visit the result ! 
  • Chart Index - UK charts, from dotmusic magazine.
  •  Chicago #1's - top tunes from the '50s, '60s and '70s.
  •  Cmg's Weekly Top 40 - includes a news, comments, photo and letters page. 
  • CMJ Recent Charts - alternative radio airplay charts, based on combined airplay of thousands of college and commercial stations and retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada.
  •  Contemporary Jazz: Charts - top 10 contemporary and smooth jazz releases based on airplay and sales.
  •  Da Buzz Sheet - Dance, R&B, House, Hip Hop & Latin new releases.
  •  Desperado Radio: Top Ten
  •  Di-Namix Productions - features weekly Top 20 chart, artist links, and more.
  •  DJ Special Blend's Top 10 - for Urban Contemporary and Hip-hip in the Windy City.
  •  Dom A's Weekly Chart - bi-weekly update of Popular Dance Music.
  •  Dominators' UK Charts
  •  Duncan Expose Music Chart - chart that allows visitors to vote on their favorites.
  •  Furious 44, The - the top 44 rock songs of the week, as judged by personal opinion and radio airplay. 
  • Gavin: Charts - updated Thursdays for Americana, college, rap, top 40, country, and more.
  •  Gemma's UK Music Charts - number one singles and albums in the UK, with links to other sites.
  •  High Fidelity - dedicated to music charts. Vote for best album of 1996. End of year charts from Pop, Q magazine, Select, Spin, Vox and Nojesguiden. 
  • Hot Top 30 - music from USA and Europe on one music chart. From rockers like Live, to soul divas like En Vogue.
  •  iMusic Music Charts - uses the iMusic News Agent to gather chart information from a variety of sources.
  •  Interactive Music Charts - variety of music charts based only on visitors votes.
  •  Internet Weekly Top 40 Countdown Show - music show based on the top 40 countdown presented in Real Audio. A/C and Country with jokes, prizes, artist bios like Spice Girls, Hanson, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson.
  •  Jess Redmon's Top 20 Chart - personal alternative rock chart.
  •  Jukebox From Hell - Songs you'll NEVER hear on the radio again. Includes sound samples & trivia!
  •  KJHK Top 25: College music - Get the latest playlist info.
  •  Lithuanian radio M1 TOP 20 - The singles chart compiled by the most popular Lithuanian radio station - M1; also includes audio files of the songs from the charts. 
  • Loren Tung Billboard Chart
  •  Matt Levine's Top 50 - personal music chart compiled by Matt Levine based on airplay in the Los Angeles area and his personal opinion. 
  • Music Charts [] - World singles sales chart. Links to other music chart pages. Updated weekly.
  •  Music Charts [Kevin Tay] - Music chart links around the world.
  •  Music Headquarters - Top 50 chart, artist gallery, chat, lyrics and sound files.
  •  New Music's Top 100 Bands
  •  New Musical Express: Charts
  •  Nightclub & Bar Dance/Crossover Top 50 - US dance hits and picks updated weekly.
  •  NMD Project
  •  Nokia Eurohit Parade - A music chart by leading European radio stations.
  •  One Hit Wonder List - Internets Quintessential List of One Hit Wonders: Groups/Artists that made it big on one popular music hit.
  •  Online List of the Greatest Rock and Roll Songs of All Time
  •  Outlet's Top 20 - a list of what's hot in the world of rock and alternative music.
  •  Plannine's Classic Top 30
  •  PMC Music Pages
  •  R&R Active Rock National Radio Airplay Chart - now available to the public. Listen on-line, purchase on-line.
  •  Radio Activity
  •  Radio Brume Airplay - charts from French radio.
  •  Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 - LA's wackiest DJ lists his favorites and offers the Weekly Top 40 Challenge, where you can win a different prize each week for naming that tune.
  •  Rolling Stone 200, The - Rolling Stone's list of the 200 best, most influential, and most essential rock CDs.
  •  Sara's Alternative Top Ten - updated weekly reflecting radio play and visitors' votes. Also includes band photos and information.
  •  Shagg - distributes free music for review to high school newspapers and radio station. Site includes high school charts, reviews, and more.
  •  Shawn's Metal Release Page - up to date look at the Heavy Metal albums which will be coming out in the next year.
  •  Soul Dogg Original Chart - weekly R&B, Hip-hop, top 15.
  •  Sound World International Charts
  •  Top-Hit 100 - vote for the Internet's best musicians.
  •  Twenty Countdown - top 20 contemporary Christian songs of the week, compiled by the Christian Research Report.
  •  UK Singles Chart
  •  UK Top 40 - singles chart updated every sunday after the official charts are released.
  •  UK Top Ten - This page offers the UK singles and album charts along with music news and a massive archive of past and current hits. 
  • Vaidas Top 20 - monthly list for pop, rock and techno. 
  • Wall of Sound: SoundScan Charts
  •  Weekly Gavin Charts
  •  World Music Chart

  •  World Music Online

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