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The school is led by it's principal, En Tan Lye Kiat. He has 3 assistants, En. Khoo Boon Nam, En. Valayatham and En Tee Yee Keong. En Khoo Boon Nam is the Principal's assistant. En. Valayatham  is n charge of  Student Affairs. En Tee Yee Keong on the other hand is involved in all sorts of matters concerning the afternoon session from academic to non academic activities.

Cik Ong Kui Hua, who is the co-curriculum teacher which can be seen clearly in the structure is in charge of making sure the co-curriculum activities run smoothly. Cik Siti is in charge of the welfare in the school. She organises donation campaigns for the poor, the starving and the less fortunate. The discipline teachers En Arul , play a very important role in maintaining the discipline in this school. They are the advisor for the Prefect's board too.

The counsellor, En Tan Chee Tat is in charge of counselling students who has problems coping with their school life.

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