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Author : Adam Dumont, 18 - Oklahoma, USA.

Life, the most amazing journey
started with one or two guides
only enough supplies to get started
the rest will be collected along the way
each native met will be noted
every rock, tree and stream mapped
at the journeys end
others will study the log books
and determine the explorer's success.

Written by : Liz

Always in my mind, even as I sleep,
Perfect, never flawed, that is what u are.
Always there when I need you, near or far.
Without you, my heart will forever weep.

My heart, body and soul are yours to keep. If I don't see you, my heart feels like tar. You move as fast as my Ferrari car, So fast it leaves my heart in a heap.

My love for you is like an ocean deep, So let it go and come back from afar. Stop the tears for good and stop the weeping. End the fighting and killing, end the war.

Don't leave me behind in this world,
You are the only one I have left to hold.

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