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 School Poem

We Love You SMK Subis 
We love you SMK Subis
We really proud of you
You look so beautiful and attractive
Surround with colourful flawer and trees
Decorated with beautyful pictures and banners.
We love you SMK Subis
You had won many honoured
You had open the eyes of society
Now they can see
Now they can withness
How great you are
Interm of enviremental condition
Modern eqiupments and facilities.
We loce you SMK Subis
Your achivement is excellent
Able to get a drastic development
And to inquire modernisation
With facilities like computers and internet
You become the center of  'I T"
The source of advance knowladge and information
For the younger generation
To achieve Vision 2020.
We love you SMK Subis
Nobody will look down on you
Not like 10 year ago
When you were negleted
You were in bad condition
And you were in far behind than the others
Now, everything has shanged
You become one of the best
Your glory and honour
Will never be forgotten
Now and forever
SMK Subis
We love you
We are proud of you.
(Ultan Sultan ak Kanang) 
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